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Writing for a Living

On October 1, I started a position as a copywriter for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads in Grants Pass, Or. For over 20 years, prior to my recent Masters degree in Art Education, I was a photographer. I would have never predicted this change in professions. I loved being a photographer and never imagined loving any work as much as taking pictures or ever feeling again, with any other avocation, that I was in my right place, the perfect place–and doing what I was born to do.

Life is so full of surprises. Though I’ve been writing for many years, I’ve maintained a status as a “closet writer.” I had no idea that what I wrote each night was actually leading me towards a new life.

In December, I interviewed one of the many inmates who purchase jewelry making supplies from my company. His name is Steven. He is serving a life sentence at Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana. My interview with this man was an extraordinary opportunity.

Please click on the link to the published story about Steven on my company’s website.

Steven Story