Letter to My Future Students

This summer, one of the assignments for my Fundamentals in Education course was to write my own Philosophy of Education. This assignment was a challenge, as I have never been a teacher and am only now discovering what good teaching is and can be. I wrote my philosophy as a letter to my future students. I truly hope I can be what I would like to be as a teacher. My letter follows.
To my dear, future students,

I would like to share with you what I dream to give you as your teacher and what I hope you will learn as my students.

First, when you enter my classroom, you will be welcomed with an open and generous heart and mind. Our classroom will be a place of joy, acceptance and inspiration where, together, we will study and create art. I would like to share with you my sincere passion for art – all of the arts – and convey what I see as the power, beauty and immense freedom in the expression of artistic creativity.

You and your fellow students will be respected with gentle kindness. In my own life I have known and witnessed suffering. Sometimes I am fragile and have self-doubts. Having experienced suffering and life?s difficulties gives me greater understanding about your own hurts and sufferings. Your own individual humanity will be met with my compassion.

I hope you come to see that all of the obstacles you have endured, the challenges you currently face or will meet in the future, your victories, loves and hurts are all part of the invaluable essence of your soul and being. This life of yours is an immeasurable treasure chest from which you can draw to create art. I hope to help you discover how to make the best of this treasure in your work. Through the work created in our class, I hope you come to value more fully who you are and where you have come from, as you also dream about where you?d like to soar.

I want you to believe that your ideas and concepts are very worthy of expression. I want you to know that your creativity and personal expression will be respected and protected in our class by all. Each of you will be nurtured and included equally. Your unique vision and creativity will be honored and cared for and our classroom will be a place of great possibility and growth.

I hope to support the belief in your own excellence and the value of reaching and striving for that star. I want to encourage your commitment to your vision and ideas and then have the satisfaction from following through with all of your projects, presenting your very best.

I hope you will learn that seeing, studying and making art can inspire, transform and bring joy. I hope you will discover and express your special gift through your work. I hope you attain new building blocks, along with increased confidence in your own voice, leading to an expanded respect for yourself and others.

Finally, I want you to know I care deeply about you, each and every one of you. And I dream that you will take what I shared in our class, as well as what you have learned and contributed, into your future, wherever life takes you.

Embrace the faith that every challenge surmounted by your energy;
every problem solved by your wisdom; every soul stirred by your passion;
and every barrier to justice brought down by your determination will ennoble your own life,
inspire others, serve your fellowman, and explode outward the boundaries of what is achievable on this earth. Madeleine Albright