Mickey Meets Mt. Ashland

Yesterday was a gorgeous April day, wrapped up in a bright blue sky and a big, warm, yellow sun. Mickey and I shared the gift of this perfect afternoon on the Pacific Crest Trail at Mt. Ashland. We hiked and played for hours. It was funny. During the entire afternoon, we saw and spoke with only one other person. She was a biologist, doing research about trees on the mountain. I really wondered why there weren?t more people there, taking advantage of the beautiful weather. Still, it was a little magical to have the place to ourselves.

Though the temperature was nearly 75 degrees, there was still plenty of snow everywhere. In some spots it was nearly a foot deep. So, most of the afternoon, Mickey ran up the hills, over and over at lightning speed, then slid back down the snow-covered slopes on his side, like some kind of shiny, black four-legged sled. He was so happy and so was I. Mickey loves snow very much and I love to watch Mickey play in the snow. He makes me laugh and laugh. Here?s a haiku about his day.

Snow? Show

Today my dog played

in the snow. Jump, shake, slide, roll –

Wow, what a show!


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