Last October, I launched myself into the very extensive application process for the Masters of Arts in Education (MAT) Program at Southern Oregon University. Today, after completing what seemed like an endless number of essays, graduate exams, interviews and more, I received my letter of acceptance for the MAT Program for Art Education This is a great, scary, fabulous day! I will enter the one-year program in June after completing a printmaking and sculpture class this upcoming Spring Quarter.
I?ve never worked so hard or hoped I was doing the right thing so much as the decision to take this journey in the second half of my life. It was funny ? one night, mid-winter, I was wondering what I was doing, why I was doing it and should I continue or quit this entire, demanding application process. In the middle of these thoughts, I had another thought. I said to myself: ?You are going to live to be 100 years old or more. What are you going to do with these next 50 years?? The very next day, I received this quote in my email Inbox:
If you are on the 5 year plan, plant rice.
If you are on the 25 year plan, plant trees.
If you are on the 100 year plan, educate children.
This quote helped me to move forward and finish and I?m so glad I completed every little detail required of me. It has been an invaluable six-month path of self-discovery.
Though I know I will face many challenges as a teacher, I look forward to the second half of my life offering encouragement, learning and love to my students.
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