Dear Bob,

Each day, since moving to my new home in Oregon, I discover some natural spot that brings me incredible joy. Whether I seek it out or it just presents itself to me as I explore my new surroundings, every day I see some special place of extraordinary beauty. This beauty surrounds me everywhere I look, everywhere I go.

When we talked, shortly after I arrived here, I remember saying to you that this place is amazing. I had no idea, at that time, just how true that statement was.

And, without fail, when I experience a magnificent pine-covered mountain or a rogue river turbulent with white water, a vineyard teeming with grape-heavy vines or a mountain at sunset sculpted by coral and violet shadows, I most often imagine sharing this with you.

It seems we are kindred spirits, we have so much in common. I believe, at the top of that list, is our passionate appreciation for the treasure of natural beauty on this planet, and the magic that it holds. Of anyone I know, you would truly love to explore this place, to experience what I am seeing and feeling.

Inevitably I think of you when I?m driving or hiking somewhere out here with my dog. When I stop to see some stunning vista, grove of Redwood trees or body of turquoise water, I imagine us together, tripping over each other?s words. Or we might not have any words at all, sharing this extraordinary place that sings to both of our hearts. We might just fall into the amazing space in silence.

I certainly miss you, Bob, and hope you can come visit sometime. You would love this place and I?d love to show it to you.


Anne Marie





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