It has been an amazing three weeks since I started packing to move to Oregon and start this new life. I?ve never done that much work or made so many changes in such a short time in my life as this past July. Last week I made a 1900-mile road trip with my dog, Mickey, through the most gorgeous scenery I?ve ever seen. Mickey was such a trooper. He?d been very sick with several different health problems the last few weeks in K.C. My normally healthy dog had eight vet visits in three weeks with problems such as two bouts of colitis, ear and paw infections, and more.

Driving through the Rockies and the Wasatch Mountains were paradise and helped me to forget the 100+ temperatures and smothering brown box world I lived and sweated in those last weeks in Kansas City. Those last weeks of July were so stressful and emotional for me. I would vascillate from thought to thought -wondering if I?d made the right decision, knowing I couldn?t very easily turn back, looking forward to Oregon yet afraid and sad to leave my friends and life in Kansas City, panicked and doubtful that I?d even be able to get all of the packing and other essential appointments done before the big move day. The quantity of work required to make a big move that fast was overwhelming. And, it got done. I look at the lists I made for myself ? pages and pages of lists. I looked them over while on the road and all of the items are checked off. It?s hard to believe.

And, here I am. I?m already unpacked and settled in my new and beautiful apartment in Talent. There are views of the Siskiyou Mountains from most of my windows and, like all mountains, they change a great deal throughout the day. The light, shadows and colors are never the same but are always inspiring and breathtaking. In our first few days here, Mickey and I have been hiking and have enjoyed some of the beautiful nature that extends in every direction from where I live. Also, I?ve learned a bit about the extensive cultural and artistic life here and look forward to experiencing and becoming part of it. And Mickey is so happy to start to see some calm and routine back in his life. We both are.

Now the biggest journey of my life in many ways, all ways, starts.

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