On July 25, I am moving to Talent, Oregon. Talent is a tiny town about five miles north of Ashland on Highway 5. Amid the brown-box chaos surrounding me at the moment, it?s hard to believe this is happening. As I prepare for this journey to and into a new life, I?m fully aware that the decision to make this move only happened a couple of two weeks ago. A lifetime of wanting to live in or near the mountains, along with a need to find some relief, in a more temperate climate, for my injured arm and wrist, spearheaded the decision. The fact that it?s happening this fast is a real surprise to me. Moment by moment, I contemplate this decision and, in some of those moments, actually question why I made it in the first place. I do wonder what is ahead for me is Talent and Ashland, a place where I have no family and do not know a single person. I have turned my neat and orderly life upside down.

However, I just spent the past week visiting my new home. While there, I leased a new apartment, along with applying and interviewing for a variety of jobs. Oregon is the most beautiful place I?ve ever seen in my life. When I think about this, I find the solid ground I need to know I made the right and best decision for my life now. Packing my little world and my small business, along with taking care of all appointments, move scheduling and more is a little overwhelming. And my dog, Mickey, has been very sick for the past 4 weeks. He?ll be healthy enough to make this move by the time it rolls around but getting him there has been and is a bit of a challenge.

I?ve lived most of my life in Kansas City. Those decades have been interspersed with four college years in Chicago, a couple of years in Montana and a couple in Nashville. This past week I had an insight about this move to Oregon. When I look back on all of my past departures from Kansas City, somewhere in my heart, I knew I would move back here. With this Oregon move, I don?t think or feel that way. In essence, this is first time I?ll ever leave Kansas City. I plan to truly give my new home a 100% commitment – to build and make a life there. My heart is coming with me this time.

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