To achieve the successful launch of a website for a creative business is an extraordinary collaboration between the artist and the web designer. A talented web designer who not only offers technical expertise, but tremendous creative talent, knowledge of the very latest web language, and sensitivity to your goals and wishes is more than a web designer -? a magician, actually.

To find in this same web designer someone who has the gifts of excellent communication skills, business knowledge and integrity, reliability and trustworthiness, and who can offer suggestions and support while listening intently and recognizing your own goals, is like finding a needle in a haystack. Building a ?wow? website demands an incredible amount of work, focus, time, and self-discovery on the part of the artist, and a tremendous commitment from your web designer.

A web designer with all of these qualities and talent gives you, through your new website, a key to open and walk through doors where you can meet your dreams and make them come alive.

In this web-based world, the value of a great web designer can?t be underestimated. Nancy Alpers,? at, is a really fabulous web designer and I?m truly grateful to her.

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