With her pig tails and red wagon, Peighton Jones is a lot like many other little girls. But Peighton is also unlike many other little girls.

One October evening in 2009, Peighton, age 7 at the time, and her father Josh were doing some shopping at Walmart. While waiting to checkout, Peighton watched and listened as a young mother and daughter, just ahead of her in line, couldn?t afford their grocery items and had to leave many behind. Seeing this take place saddened Peighton and made a big impression on her. As Peighton related, ?One night, after prayers, I came up with the idea that we could help people who can?t afford things.?

Very shortly after, Peighton passed out notices in her neighborhood letting everyone know that she would be coming by in a few days to collect non-perishable food items for the Topeka Rescue Mission. The following Saturday and Sunday, and for many more weekends, Peighton did just that. Pulling her red Radio Flier, she went door to door and gathered the donations. In 2009, she collected 450 food items for the Rescue Mission.

In 2010, Peighton set a much higher goal of collecting 1000 food items, this time for Topeka?s Let?s Help program. Once again, she went door to door with her trusted Radio Flyer on Saturdays and Sundays in October and November and exceeded her 2010 goal. Peighton says she hopes other kids can see that they can make a difference. She observed, ?It makes you feel good because you know that you?re going to help somebody out.?


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