Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals won the ALCS last night in Game 6 and they are going to the World Series. My jubilance, along with that?of everyone I know in my city, is beyond measure. Though for all of us, seeing our team win is so “I can’t sit down in my seat”?exhilarating and fun, for us as individuals, the reasons may vary.

For me, being a Royals fan means being?part of something bigger than myself and something more extraordinary?than championship baseball. These exceptional?Royals, all of them, are the messengers of a profound?story about how to live life.?The way they play, and the spirit with which they do it, brings home the message. They may, or may not know what they do, as they continually come back, with odds stacked against them, to win. But, I know what they are doing for me and my spirit.

What I have learned from the Royals are life lessons I already knew but needed reminders?of. Start with, “The game’s?not over until it’s over.” It’s worth it and essential to commit?heart, soul and your best until any?game, challenge or day has come to an end and?there’s no more possibility. Then keep acting and living, as if there was. These inspiring athletes and people?have proved, game after game,?there’s still hope for dreams to come true, even at the very last minute–when it seems they can’t or won’t.

The passion and commitment with which the Royals play baseball is a great example of how to “play” life. Keep giving it your all, each day, each time you come up to bat, even if it seems like you’re losing, or?Goliath has the upper hand. Be strong and courageous in the face of?setbacks or strike outs, knowing a home run, (or a dream come true), is still within your grasp?and abilities.

And, make sure to celebrate the victories in a big way–on the?way to the next one. (Like winning the World Series 2015).

Go, Royals!


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