Art Unleashed

This weekend, the Greater Kansas City Humane Society is hosting an art auction, Art Unleashed, to benefit the Society’s animals. My friend, Jillinda, donated several of her paintings and the Humane Society?director asked her if she could provide a written comment to?accompany one of the paintings entitled Companions. Jillinda asked if I could write this essay for her. Her painting?and my essay follow.



Special friend, you have my heart.

When I worry about tomorrow, you show me that this right-now moment is the best moment-paws down. In large part, I am me because of your unconditional love, devotion, and joyful spirit. You ask no questions, you pass no criticism. I?m not as good as you think I am. However,?I believe you are more perfect and noble than I?ll ever know. There is only one smartest, best dog in the world and ?every girl has it.? I, actually, do.

I can face this world much better when I think about you and me doing it together. With your own language, you comfort, teach, inspire, calm, and make me laugh. A wag of the tail, tilt of the head-and those eyes. When hope and happiness seem far away you get me back to them, because you never lose yours. When I?m scared, you make me brave.

Your ears are the first thing to catch my tears and the first to hear my laughter. You show it?s ok to depend, love and care deeply, unabashedly. You grieve when I?m away, and shake in fear at the thought I may not return. You make me feel irreplaceable. You actually are. You are the best company. Loneliness checks itself at the door when you?re inside.

It?s best when I abandon myself to your way of thinking, doing, and looking at life. Your glass is always half-full. No, it?s simply full. You appreciate the little things. A cheese treat is fabulous. A ride in the car is noteworthy, (running-through-the-house noteworthy). A hike in the park is epic, and cuddling in bed at the end of the day, reading a book, makes life worth living.

I love to play because you love to play; in the snow, the rain, at the park, in the car, running around the house. When I make a fool of myself, you make a fool of yourself, too. Two fools together, and no one needs to know.

How did you learn to forgive so quickly and completely when you, yourself, make so few mistakes? You don?t know hate, resentment, cruelty, or greed. You don?t compromise. You live nobly and never hold your heart back. By the way no one appreciates my humor and very special genius like you do, either.

Without a thought, I would lay down my life for you, and I would walk away from everything I own in life except you. You are my greatest treasure. I don?t have many possessions, but you make me wealthy. Extraordinarily. And, there is no treasure on this earth I would trade for you. All of it offered in one lump sum? The answer would be?no. Never.

Your faults? You do have one. The brevity of your life. Perhaps, deep inside, it?s the reason I treasure each moment with you so much.?I need you and you need me. Do you ever wonder, when we’re apart, if my heart misses you as much as your heart misses me? You can be sure of it. My heart beats because yours does.

You will be my best friend forever. Always, always, always.



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