Creativity: One Definition

Recently, I was asked to write my definition of creativity. ?I realized, surprisingly, that?I’d never articulated a definition of creativity from my view. So, I was grateful for the opportunity. And my definition of creativity, at this time in my life, follows.

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot,
but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence,
transform a yellow spot into sun.”
Pablo Picasso


I define creativity as a true and genuine expression of the imagination, experience, or both. Personally, and in my work, creativity has been a way of life for me since I was a child. I view life through a lens of creativity. For me, living life creatively translates into living life as an adventure. I believe creativity can be part of any activity. With a creative approach, any activity becomes richer, more meaningful, and an act of individual expression. With creativity, even the most seemingly mundane tasks are interesting and joyful opportunities. Living creatively has been essential throughout my life. I am passionate about the arts and have shared this with others, through my work, teaching, and involvement in the arts.

As a professional artist, teacher, and advocate of the arts, I’ve always believed in the transforming power and special value of art and creativity to human life. When working as a teacher, supervisor, or lecturer, my aspiration has been to encourage and inspire others in their own special gifts. Creativity is giving oneself freedom and the go ahead to one?s imagination, as well as expression of ideas, thoughts, and feelings. It is a path of exploration and discovery, and being true to oneself. Creative expression is unique to every individual, and if encouraged, will flourish. My view is that art enhances a well-rounded education, adding deeper meaning and richness to our lives. For students, the study and practice of art provides the opportunity to discover new ways of seeing and expressing which are unique to the arts. Also, though often hard work, being creative is very fun.

Finally, I believe the creative act, or work of art, is completed with a conversation. This conversation occurs between the creator and another ? an audience, a reader or viewer, or the creator himself. Whether the work is a poem, a painting, a scientific invention, or another work of individual expression, we communicate who we are and our unique ideas – often with the hope that they will be seen, heard, valued.


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