Letter of Gratitude

This is my exit letter from my MAT Program and is actually required. We could write to whomever we wanted, about whatever we wanted. I wrote my letter to honor some of the most important people in my life.

My Letter of Gratitude

To My Father,

Thank you for showing me how to have the courage to leave the known and try the unknown. Thank you for showing me how to dream big dreams and then pursue them, persisting through all obstacles, never giving up. Thank you for proving that age is just a number.

To my Uncles,

Thank you for including me in our beautiful family flower business from the time I was a little girl. You taught me so much. In showing me the business, you also taught me how to teach with patience and kindness, allowing for human mistakes. With you, I learned how to collaborate, and in times of stress how to remain respectful, regardless of fatigue and too much to do.

To Bryan, my Cooperating Teacher,

My life as a person and as a teacher will be forever better and brighter thanks to the time I was so graciously and generously given in your art classroom. Your gifts of support, encouragement, humor, insight, and sensitivity, as well as your example of extraordinary teaching talent, have enriched my life and future as a teacher, beyond measure.

To my Friends,

Your words and encouragement, love and support, have been valuable beyond measure. I can only hope to be a friend to others and to my students as you have been to me.

To Christine and Jerry,

Though you left this earth so recently (and it seemed much too soon), you passed on a legacy of unconditional love for me to follow and emulate for others in my life. You expressed what unconditional love really is, which I had never experienced before knowing you. Though we didn?t get to say goodbye, you will live in my heart the rest of my life. When I need some sunshine on rainy days, I will remember the many words you spoke to me and the moments that we shared.

To My Sister Michele,

Your daunting courage and grace inspire me, and will be an example for me always.

To My Mother,

Thank you for showing me how to face my own inner struggles and challenges with courage. Thank you for making my childhood so very rich with all of the art, music, and literature you surrounded us with in our home. Because of the beauty you opened and unlocked for us, I now have this to give my students.

To my noble and funny dog, Mickey,

Thank you for making me laugh every single day, without missing a single day, as I’ve made my way to become a teacher.? Thank you for letting me cry my eyes out, as I hugged you, on those very gray days. Thank you for not laughing at me as I danced around the apartment, ?like a fool, on those days I celebrated a success, a milestone, a joyful experience with my students.


Anne Marie


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