My Friend, Jerry

In June, 2011, when I launched Blue Sky View, the first post was dedicated to my very special friend, Jerry. On December 17th, my magnificent friend unexpectedly passed away.

Jerry was a 45-year-old single father of two all-around beautiful teenage girls, and I’ve never known a better parent. Since they were toddlers, he’d raised his daughters on his own and they were the soul of his soul.?His love for, and dedication to them, was unparalleled. At the same time that he protected them fiercely, he also expected them to become strong, independent women committed to treasuring and developing their own excellence and gifts. Often, if he was unsure about a challenge he met with them, he’d call and we’d talk it out – sometimes for hours. He ?reflected and thought very deeply about his decisions. Sweetly, our conversations even included what he packed for their lunches and made for their dinners.

Jerry was the only friend I’ve ever had in my life who I could tell anything and everything, and knew with certainty that all I shared was safely locked in his heart. I believe he held the same trust in me.

Though I’ll always have the memories, as well as his words, love, warmth, humor, and compassion, I can’t just pick up the phone and call him. I realized this yesterday – Sunday. I so much wanted to call my friend and tell him I was nervous about going back to school, and let him know I still wonder if I’ll be a good teacher. He would have listened and been so kind. But, he wasn’t there for me to call. These are the times when losing a friend can be super tough.

Nevertheless, my life will forever shine brighter because of this beautiful soul who called me friend, whom I called friend. I’m so aware that one person in this world can be so special and absolutely irreplaceable. I will miss him very much, especially on those days when his voice made a gray day happier, and problems less insurmountable.

So, on the road of ?day to day living of life, I’ve lost one of the best friends I will ever have.


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